Buying the Right Used Car for You and Your Family

When you need a car, it’s not a small thing.  Driving the streets of Dallas and Ft. Worth is a necessity that you just can’t get around if you plan to work a job and raise a family in the metroplex.   You need a dependable car that won’t break your budget, and it doesn’t hurt if the car looks good, too!  But if you’re like lots of us, your credit has taken a few hits in the last few years.  The recession has hit the whole country, and the Dallas and Ft. Worth area is no exception.  


So what do you do?  Most of our customers have shopped at other buy here pay here dealerships in the past, and the stories aren’t always good ones.  Overcharging, high monthly payments, huge down payments, these are all common stories that come out of many bad credit dealerships in the Dallas Ft. Worth area.  How do you find a good used car dealership you can trust, then?

We understand how you can feel ignored or overlooked when you’re shopping for your next pre-owned car or truck, and that’s why we set up our system to function the way it does.  See, we believe that you shouldn’t have to worry about coming

up with a huge down payment to buy the used car or truck you need, only to have to face a big monthly payment right around the corner.  What if you could get your next car for less than 500.00 down payment, have a montly payment around

300.o0, AND get all of your oil changes for free for the life of the contract of your used car purchase?


Well, you can with us.  You get all that, plus you’re repairing your credit (assuming you make your monthly car payments on tine), because we report to all three credit bureaus.


Contact us today, we promise we’re different!

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