How it works:


You don’t need good credit to get a great vehicle.


Here’s all you need:

  • A job, and a paystub

  • Minimal down payment (usually only between 300 and 500 dollars)

  • A valid drivers license


That’s all!  Bring these items in, and we can have you driving home in your next car in as little as two hours.  I know, sounds impossible, but it’s true!  We help people just like you every day, and they drive home happy!


Why do we need these items?  Great question.

When you’re purchasing a used car in Ft. Worth, Dallas or any other city in Texas for that matter, you have to have identification approved by the state of Texas sufficient to operate the car you’re going to buy.  They won’t allow you to make such a purchase without a drivers license, so you wouldn’t be able to take your nice, shiny pre-owned car or truck home.  Again, this is not limited to cars in Ft. Worth, it’s state law.  


Car insurance is also necessary when purchasing your next car or truck in Ft. Worth.  Whether it’s a brand new car or truck (along with that big car payment!), or one of our affordable, fully inspected cars (and trucks!), you’re going to have to have insurance to be able to complete your car purchase.  In fact, you can’t even take a test drive on the streets of Ft. Worth without having car insurance.  Even though we sell used cars in Ft. Worth, you still have to have proof of insurance when you take your test drive.


Proof of income is simple; we just have to know that you have the ability to make your car payments after you buy your next vehicle.  Used car or not, we want to set you up for success, and that means knowing that you can make your payment.  


Remember, our used car purchase system is set up to report your on time car payments to the credit bureaus, so while you drive your car in Ft. Worth, you’ll be helping your credit at the same time!